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I’m Chris, an AC & Data Wrangler local to Vegas with experience mostly in docureality and live events. I’m a hard worker who is willing to take virtually any position/shift. Have valid passport and license, as well as a clean driving record: I am more than happy to travel. I can also be a local in LA or DC if the run is long enough for it to be economical. OSHA 10 Certified.

I joined the industry in October 2013 as a PA and quickly rose to more skilled professions. Within a year I worked briefly as a coordinator before switching to the camera department to work as an AC. Between now and then I’ve also worked as a data wrangler, jib tech, grip, props assistant, as well as a Production Assistant assigned to VTR, art, wardrobe and more.

Prior to joining the industry, I struggled for almost 4 years across 4 states across the country in order to get my foot in the door. I graduated from Virginia Tech in Spring 2009 with a B.A. in Communication and a Minor in Philosophy.*

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