The UFC Training Center Octagon
Octagon during the start of Season 19 of The Ultimate Fighter during October 2013.

Hello, my name is John Warner, but I go by the shortened version of my middle name “Chris.” In 2013 I started out as a PA when I got my foot in the door to the entertainment industry, but that didn’t last long and now I’m primarily an Assistant Camera & Data Wrangler. At the time of my writing this, I’m 32 years old. I’ve been taking photos ever since I first discovered them back sometime during middle school in Northern Virginia. I used to buy so many disposable cameras in order to capture the memories, the moments, and the everything in between. The other kids thought I was strange. That sentiment only increased in intensity after I received my first whopping 3.2 megapixel digital camera for my birthday sophomore year of high school. Now I could be even less selective, not worry about wasting physical film and take photos of all the things with reckless abandon! “Why do you always carry around a camera?” I was asked several times. I simply explained that when I’m older I wouldn’t have to rely on my memory at all in order to have a clear picture of how things used to be. Anyway,  I didn’t care though, I shook off the stigma that began developing. I was doing it for me and I knew it was a worthwhile pursuit regardless. I eventually even was given responsibility of the school’s brand new, higher megapixel camera about a year later. I ended up working at Circuit City and was able to afford a new camera almost every other year for the next few years. Now let’s fast forward to today to the world of Android vs iPhone, Snapchat vs Instagram vs Facebook. I knew people would eventually wisen up. I always knew it was just a matter of accessibility. I mean, being able to take hundreds and thousands of photos for virtually nothing once initial setup costs are taken care of…that’s pretty amazing. And you know what? It still is. 

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